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The Waverley Dash will be taking place again this year on May 5th
Please note The 2024 Dash will be a slightly different format and will be a 10k
only starting and finishing at Woodhouse Mill Recreation Ground.

The Waverley Dash
The Waverley Dash was first staged by the Roadhogs in 2014 and has been held annually since then, with a UK Athletics trail race permit, normally on a Sunday in July. The Club has sought to engage residents of the expanding new housing estate at Waverley which is only a mile or so from Handsworth and the Club’s base at Handsworth Grange Sports Centre. The Dash is well supported by Howarth Estates, the landowners of the estate, and their input enables a charity donation to be made annually following the staging of the event. Originally the Dash was part of the annual Waverley Gala but it is now a standalone event using the Winter Green pub as the base, we are grateful for the support of the staff at the pub.

The Dash comprises in effect two races, a 5k run around Lake Waverley which adjoins the housing estate and a 10k that takes in the Lake and then goes around Treeton Dike, which has now developed into an attractive lake and open space. As the estate has expanded some minor changes to the route have been necessary, particularly at the start and finish, but fortunately the changes have been minor. Recent years have seen around 100 runners in both the 5k and 10k, many from the Waverley estate, but also some runners from other local areas and local clubs. Near the race date flyers are distributed around the estate, other local communities and to local running clubs. The Roadhogs are very keen to continue to develop links with the residents of Waverley and the annual staging of the Dash is a key part of this work. We are also keen to maintain the very fruitful partnership with Howarth estates in order to promote the Dash as an important local event.

Tony Weightman
Secretary of Handsworth Roadhogs Running Club