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Club Runs

We hold club runs on a Mondays and Wednesdays.
These start at 6pm from the car park at Handsworth Grange Sports Centre on
Beaver Hill Road, S13 9QY (not the School entrance on Handsworth Grange Road)
See via this link

Club runs can be attended by novices and experienced runners alike.
The pace is determined on the night to meet the needs of those present.
Often there are sufficient numbers to run two groups,
one shorter, slower and one slightly longer and maybe faster.
We have frequent stops, and do runbacks to make sure no-one gets left behind.

We have a portfolio of routes we can choose form.
A route is picked for each club run and posted in advance on our Facebook page.
These routes give details of the route, distance and terrain. Clicking on the link below will give you access to the details of each route. These routes are downloadable to your mobile phone.

Please see our ‘Handsworth Roadhogs’ facebook page for confirmation of our runs on a
day by day basis, a route for each run is often posted on the facebook page.
Many of our Members also post informal runs on the club facebook page.


New members are welcome at any time;
all we ask is that you try us out for a couple of weeks (4 sessions) to see what you think.
If you are still undecided you can continue to run with us at a cost of £1 per session,
or you can join the club and become a member by filling in the members
application form and continue running with us.
The money raised from running sessions and from part of the clubs membership fees,
goes back in to the club to improve the experience for our runners and members.
I.e. training run leads and coaches.
Once a member you will enjoy running on our club runs for free, be able to run both
competitively and non-competitively for the club, attend the clubs social events and start
receiving Grand Prix points for the interclub competition for any applicable races and runs you enter.

The postal address for the Sports Centre is as below, however, access is via Beaver Hill Road as shown on the attached map.

Handsworth Grange Sports Centre
Handsworth Grange Road
South Yorkshire
S13 9HJ